• How to Wear a Barbour

    The Elusive Wardrobe Item

    On Wednesday night I was talking to my husband about one of my elusive wardrobe items–the Lilly Pulitzer Dark ‘n Stormy shift dress. I desperately wanted one when they came out, but this was before I could order things online (I miss their amazing catalogs!) and we didn’t live near a store at the time. Ever since, I’ve combed eBay for one that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive. I’m still looking! That made me think of other pieces I’ve searched for over the years. I looked forever for the perfect Fair Isle sweater, and my godmother gave me dozens of them! (Literally dozens from her sister and mother!) I looked for the…

  • nourish food pink lemonade cake

    Nourish Food

    One of my best friends, Tory, has just started a new blog called Nourish Food! Tory is one of the best cooks and bakers I’ve ever met, and I’m so lucky to know them! Tory is a Deacon in the Episcopal Church and all-around wonderful person. All throughout college I was so lucky to be able to learn to cook (a little, at least!) from Tory, and I was definitely spoiled with good food! I can’t wait to see more of Tory’s recipes. Tory also posts their meal plans for the week. As I try to cook more, I’m eager to find some great, healthy recipes to incorporate into my…

  • Moving to New York

    10 Things to Know Before Moving to New York City

    Although I was born and raised in Manhattan, I hadn't lived in the city for a long time before I moved back with my now-husband. When I was younger, my dad was (and still is) in the Army, and we moved around the country. We generally lived well outside of cities. Despite our moves, Manhattan was always home to me, and I would visit my family who still lived in the city often. I was so happy that we were able to move back before we decided to live in Locust Valley prior to our son's arrival. Although I have a long history with the city, I learned many things when I…

  • Food

    Recipe: My Grandmother’s Tutti-Frutti Punch

    My grandmother was many things, but something she was not was an accomplished cook. However, she and my grandfather entertained quite often and my grandmother came up with a delicious punch recipe she called Tutti-Frutti Punch. Although it has no alcohol in it, you can certainly add some if required. I remember going to her wonderful Christmas parties and being allowed to have some of the punch--it was so delicious and still is today! This punch is perfect for both the holidays and in the heat of the summer. Enjoy!

  • How to Plan Your Own Wedding

    How To Plan Your Own Wedding

    When my husband and I got engaged, we knew we wanted three things: a short engagement, a small wedding, and to get married in a church. From there, we managed to plan the most beautiful wedding that perfectly fit us and what we wanted. More than that, we were able to truly share the day with our friends and family. Our wedding day was easy, stress-free, and memorable! Here are the things I’ve learned from planning my own wedding. Decide what is important to you Start by making a list of what is important to you. What are your must-haves? As I mentioned above, our must-haves were the following: getting…