The key to benefiting from key dates in the calendar is being ahead of the curve. Planning your content well in advance so you have the right posts ready (or at least planned!) when those key dates tick round. We ALL know how the year can fly away from us and the key my friends is being prepared. If you want to capitalise on Pinterest then you need to be 3 months ahead. Yep, people start pinning Christmas crafts, recipes, and all things twinkly even as early as September.

Today, I’m going to share some key ideas that will help you build your editorial calendar for the rest of the year.

Fill your editorial calendar for the rest of the year


Wish/gift lists

To schedule anytime from November onwards and gift/wish lists are always a safe bet. You can also use a gift guide to add in affiliate links to the products and it might well earn you a few quid too. The possibilities are endless, gifts for any member of the family, friends, teachers. Products you want yourself, for bloggers, for mums; you can cover whatever you want.

Reader survey

To get a head start of planning for the following year, why not produce a reader survey. These are a great way to find out what you readers have enjoyed, what they could do without and then you can tailor your content. Survey Monkey is a great free tool that allows you to set up a simple survey that will be quick to complete.


This is wide open for any crafting, baking or more personal posts.


Bonfire night traditions

Similar to Halloween, crafting and special recipes seem to go well.


10 lessons learned

This could be the lessons you have learned in your personal life or in your blog life. It could be the lessons you have learned from starting your business, anything that might resonate with other people going through the same things as you. These posts help the people reading them from going through the same things as you.

Christmas roundup posts

List posts are easy to write, quick to read and you can use the format on any topic you choose. Christmas roundups are great posts which tend to do really well on Pinterest. Ask within Facebook groups if any has pins in specific areas and you can create your round up.  I did one last year over on You Baby Me Mummy highlighting 15 christmas photoshoot ideas for kids and it still gets traffic now. It’s an evergreen post.

Top 10 posts of the year

Simply look into your analytics and share the top ten posts from the year. You could tell your readers why you think they were successful. Therefore you are adding value AND driving traffic to these posts again. You can do another version where you share your favourite ten or, as I have done before on my own blog, the 5 most popular and my personal 5 favourites.

Christmas plans for your family

The run up to Christmas is a great time to share some personal posts. Possibly your favourite family traditions or maybe your favourite pictures from previous Christmases.

Goals for the next year

People love reading about other people’s goals. Again these can be personal, blogging, professional or a mixture of all of them.

How to organise ______ for the new year

These posts could be scheduled for December of even early January and can cover anything you wish. So for me, people often come to my blog for blogging advice, so I could share how to organise your blog content for 2017 or how to organise you time effectivity. If you are crafty, you could write about organising your kid’s craft projects so they have seasonal themes. Whatever works for you.

Best posts from your peers

I love sharing the posts I love from my fellow bloggers. Bloggers are such a talented bunch and there is nothing better than highlighting the great work of others. You could even divide this into one post for your favourite funny posts, another for your favourite emotive posts; you get the picture!

So you can see how you can now start to fill in the gaps of your editorial calendar and have a structure that you can work to. This also helps you be more productive when you do have time to write.

Have you got specific posts that you will put in your editorial calendar before the year ends?

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