A blog geek through and through I love a good blogging tip. Be it something that changes your entire way of working or a little thing that saves you a few precious minutes each day, the knowledge of other people can make such an impact on our blogs. The whole purpose of this very blog, and indeed parts of our own personal blogs, is to spread our knowledge as far as we can. One of the things I love most about blogging is the willingness of other bloggers to help, support and share their knowledge. So I wasn’t surprised when I asked recently in a couple of Blogger’s Facebook groups for people to share their  best advice, to get a wonderful response.


I have included all of the tips given to us and they are all unedited. I loved reading through them so much and I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s different take on things.

Here are our blogging friends top blogging tips

  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Your blog is your space, and that’s what makes it special. Kate from My Family Fever
  • Blog from the heart and do it for you. Natalie from Just Because I Love
  • Be human! Never be afraid to get personal and share your stories, especially the tough ones. They will help you, and others, more than you know. Katie from Pouting in Heels
  • It’s not all about stats and numbers. Don’t be disheartened if your ranking goes down; it’s not because you’re audience or readers aren’t enjoying your posts, it’s because someone else had a good month for them. My blog is small in terms of readers and unique visitors compared to my blog crushes, but I have still been offered many opportunities by big companies and TV studios! What started out as a hobby and a love for writing has taken me further than I ever thought possible. So believe in your dreams, people!  Ali from My Life My Love
  • Whenever you think up a title, idea or find inspiration anywhere save it as a new blog post with notes if needed. So when you’re short of ideas you have some ‘starter posts’ to work from.  
  • Be you! Be authentic, find your voice, write about what matters to you and the passion will shine through. Write from the heart. Don’t obsess about stats and rankings. Stay true to your purpose and the rest will come. Leigh from Headspace Perspective
  • Jude from Love Lust & Fairy Dust
  • The best tip I was given was to be open and warm. I also like Brene Brown’s philosophy on being wholehearted in everything you do! Blogging can’t be about stats or even comments, if it was it would be so easy to give up. Blog for you, blog for your family and for what you believe in, blog because you have something to say that might help others. Lizzie from Lizzie Somerset 
  • Forget stats and just write about what you love. If you try to write posts just to join in with linkys to get numbers up you will steer away from what you are passionate about. I did that and it was only when I sat back and really thought about it I realised a lot of my posts were not as natural and were hard work to write because it was not coming from a passion. Now I write purely food posts apart from my project 365 and now I am truly happy with my blog and it shows in my posts. My numbers are better now and it is not such an effort to write.  Kirsty from Hijacked By Twins 
  • Write about what you enjoy and you will always be motivated to write new content. Avoid the haters and take on board all the lovely comments and above all be proud of your blog. Rachel from U Me and The Kids 
  • Get to know other bloggers and join blogging groups as they know a wealth of information and are fantastic support. Clare from Mumsy Midwife 
  • Don’t be scared to go to blogging events. They are a fab place to make friends (some of my best friends are now bloggers I’ve met at events) and no one understands you like your blogging buddies do. Samantha from North East Family Fun 
  • Join in with linky’s to get your blog out in the blogging community and find other blogs similar to yours. Rachel from Rachel Bustin 
  • Be nice! Leave comments, help out with queries if you can, it’s a community and you never know when you might need help too! Lucy from The Parent Game Blog
  • Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself. If you find something that can help others you will feel better about yourself and can make some great friendships whilst helping each other along. I love my blogging friends! Carly from Mummy and the Chunks
  • Don’t worry about stats make sure that the content you are writing is of high quality as this is more appealing to readers.
  •  Don’t try too hard to be ‘a writer’; you’ll sound insincere – and a bit of a twit. (I know, I did it before I just relaxed a little!). When you find your natural voice it will feel comfortable, precisely because it IS natural. You’ll write more quickly and easily, and it will sound more appealing to your readers too.  Kate from The Less-Refined Mind
  • If you’re hosting a linky, pin a tweet with the link to it to the top of your Twitter timeline, I often go to the host’s profile to join in, & if they’ve been RTing everyone that linked up, it can be hard to wade through it all to find the tweet with the link to their post. Louise from Pink Pear Bear 
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Suzanne from Somerset Garden
  • To not feel you have to post every day, blog when you have the inspiration to create interesting content. Also get involved in the blogging community because it really is a lovely network. Helen from Beautiful Things 
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Bloggers are generally incredibly helpful people and are happy to help out. Also collaborate with other bloggers on crowd sourcing posts (such as this one!) a great way to increase links and also promote your blog to a new audience. Lisa from Travel Loving Family
  • Make a posting schedule, it might be once a week, twice a week or on certain days. Stick with that schedule weekly. Becky from Cuddle Fairy 
  • Be true to yourself. Write about the topics you want to write about and not what you think people want or need to here. As you come to know who you are as a blogger those genuinely interested will gravitate towards your blog and you’ll build the right audience. Be patient, read and interact with other blogs. This will help build your knowledge and support network. Angela from Days in Bed
  • Review products you’ve bought, not just ones you’ve been asked to review. They will often be really useful to your readers and do well in Google!
  • If it’s recipes and travel, concentrate on that and make yourself a well known voice of that arena. Covering lots of bases can mean your blog quickly loses focus. Megan from Truly Madly Kids
  • Don’t feel imprisoned by your niche – if you want to write something a bit different, go for it. It will diversify your audience a little, and they do say that a change is as good as a rest!  Jessica from Babi a Fi 
  • Engage with other bloggers, read lots of blogs and comment. Be part of the blogging community. I’ve met such lovely people this way too.
  •  Emily from A Slummy Mummy
  • Write when you’re feeling inspired to and if you’re not, don’t write. Have a break, do something else altogether or spend some time on the aesthetics of your blog or promotion of old content.  Your readers would much prefer to read a post that comes from your heart rather than a something forced. Mim from Love from Mim 
  • Don’t get caught up with blogging league tables and stats. Just because you’re way down the TOTS chart for example, it doesn’t mean you won’t get wonderful opportunities to collaborate with big (and small) brands. At the end of the day content is king and if you have a lovely looking blog with engaging content, brands and PRs will still want to collaborate with you despite your lower stats.
  • Focus on honing your own unique voice, as no one can ever write *you* as well as you can. I challenge all bloggers to write down five words that define your writing style and make it different and unique from anyone else’s (and you’re not allowed “honest” or “authentic” – every blogger is that, hopefully, so it’s not a differentiator). Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham
  • My tip is – don’t rush into approaching brands. Take time to build your blog, your style and your network. That way, when you offer something you’ll have a better idea of what you’re offering, and it will be far more substantial and appealing. Joanne from Opposable Thumbs Blog
  • If you want to write about something topical that you hear on the news, you need to drop everything and do it otherwise by the time you get round to it, it’ll be too late and you’ll have missed the boat. I’ve lost count of the amount of posts I’ve really wanted to write about but not had time. I’ll do them eventually but they won’t tie in to the news headlines anymore. Hannah from Hannah Spannah
  • Chloë Ciliberto If you work with brands, know your worth. Don’t undersell yourself and your skills. You worked hard to build your stats and audience. If a brand recognises that your audience is worth advertising to and has approached you, then that is worth something. Don’t advertise for free (unless you really want to) and don’t settle for less than your time is worth. Chloë from Life Unexpected. 
  • Don’t be afraid of being controversial.. Tayla from Motherhood the Real Deal 
  • Be ambitious, know what you want from blogging and where you want to take it. Plan how you’re going to achieve your aspirations and go for it. BUT live in the present. Enjoy your blog for what it is now.  Love watching others succeed and learn from them. Love the things you turn down because you’re staying true to yourself. Then love being busy because it means you’ve made it. After all, most of us started to blog as a hobby, anything else is a bonus. Natalie from Plutonium Sox
  • Model others who are where YOU want to be. Tony Robbins created his multi-million dollar business by modelling what other successful people did and then applying it to his industry. Who are your blogging mentors? What do THEY do? Modelling doesn’t mean copying, though – make sure you’re still authentic to your own voice and readers. Michelle from The Joy Chaser
  • If you are on WordPress get the Editorial Calendar plugin, it will change your life. Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and Live. Love. Blog.
  • Share, share, share your content and build your followers. You may have the best written blog post in the world but if no one sees it then what is the point? If you have limited time build up one or two social media accounts and leave the rest. Also Stumbleupon can bring you some amazing traffic. It’s worth reading up about it and seeing how you can utilise it. Mel from  The Diary of a Jewellery Lover

There you have it, the best advice from a whole heap of fabulous bloggers. I hope this gives you inspiration or clarity and thanks so much to everyone who took the time to pass on their favourite piece of advice.

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