Today we have a great post from the fabulous Amy over at Mr and Mrs T Plus Three, as she shares her dos and don’ts of blogging.

I have been blogging for around 4 years with the last two years being solely on this blog. A couple of years ago I didn’t take blogging as seriously as I do now and I certainly didn’t earn much of an income from it. Over the years, I have definitely made plenty of blogging related faux pas. I’ve also come across some of the nicest people I have ever been blessed to meet who have given me a ‘foot up’ and a helping hand when I’ve needed it. I’ve also come across some not so nice people that have dampened my spirits, and made me question myself and my worth. Some of the advice here may become a bit of a waffle (read:rant) as my list reflects some of the negativity I have grown tiresome of.

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