Easy Dinner Recipes

Where Do You Find Easy Dinner Recipes?

With the change of the New York Times Cooking website from a free service to a subscription model, I’m looking for more places to find easy dinner recipes! I have my favorite cookbooks, and I love browsing Smitten Kitchen, but I’ve been stumped lately trying to find easy, delicious meals to cook. While we put our son down to sleep around 6pm and eat around 7:30, I often find that space of time in between these two necessary things to be too short to really accomplish all I’d like to in the kitchen. As well, during the day, my brief periods of free time are occupied with work and can’t be used to meal prep.

I’d like to do more in the way of meal prep on the weekends, but unfortunately our freezer would not accomodate everything for the week (without displacing my necessary cookie dough ice cream, at least!). Hence my search for easy, delicious recipes–a bonus if they’re quick to cook!

So–what are your favorite easy dinner recipes?

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