• Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday is a hugely important day in the nonprofit world as it encourages people to give to the nonprofits that benefit their lives. As an employee at a nonprofit, today is a busy day of emails, Facebook posts, and fundraising letters. I did want to take a quick moment to highlight some of my favorite nonprofits and ones I will be donating to. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society My mother had MS for over 30 years–it becomes an extremely debilitating disease, and while new strides are often made, medical research is expensive. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society not only funds new research, but also spreads awareness. Planned Parenthood This…

  • Skunks Misery Road Rally
    Life,  Long Island

    Road Rally

    Some of my favorite memories are participating in my grandparents' Skunks Misery Road Rallies here on the North Shore. They hosted their road rallies (essentially scavenger hunts in cars, with checkpoints along the way), for more than thirty years. The earliest road rallies used to start from their house (which was off of Skunks Misery Road in Lattingtown, hence the name), and later from Seawanhaka on Centre Island. They were always extremely fun and ended with a huge party on the lawn.

  • Childhood Summers Oyster Bay
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    Childhood Summers

    For some reason, I’ve spent a lot of time this summer thinking of other summers I’ve spent here on the North Shore. Perhaps I’ve been nostalgic because it’s my first full summer here in years, or perhaps it’s because I’m reliving my childhood summers in Oyster Bay now that I’m a mom. Or it’s because so many things here remind me of my childhood–the scent of the rain on the driveway, the hydrangeas in the backyard, the way the wooden front door feels in the heat. I’m not sure. I was so lucky to spend many summers in Oyster Bay with my cousins. We spent the summer days sailing, learning…

  • How to Make Friends as an Adult

    How to Make Friends as an Adult

    Today's post is something I've been struggling with for a while--how to make friends as an adult. I'm lucky to have numerous close friends who I grew up with--in fact, for many of my friends, our parents and grandparents were also friends! Another one of my closest friends I met in boarding school, and a few more are from college. But when I moved to DC after college, I was in a position for one of the first times in my life where I didn't really know anyone. Of course I knew my aunt and cousins, with whom I stayed while working an internship, but all of my closest friends…

  • Musee d'Orsay Clock
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    Five Time-Saving Things I Can’t Live Without

    Before I became a mom, I knew that my life would change. And, of course, it did! I talk about some of my feelings on motherhood here, but one of the biggest things to adjust to has been the change in my day-to-day schedule. Let me preface this post by saying how lucky I feel to 1) be able to work from home at the moment, 2) have my husband at home for the moment, and 3) have help from my mother-in-law. But even with help, the days suddenly seem a lot shorter! I've really learned to embrace any time-saving opportunity I have. While some of these are definitely parenting-specific,…