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Recipe: Ginger Beer

One of my favorite cookbooks is Bermudian Cooking by the Bermuda Junior Service League. The cookbook covers traditional Bermudian dishes from the members of the Junior Service League, as well as popular recipes from some of the island’s best restaurants. I’ve found some wonderful recipes perusing this book. This recipe for ginger beer is one that I’ve been eager to try forever!

Ginger Beer (makes 5 gallons)

1 pound green ginger, washed and beaten
7 pounds white sugar
6 lemons, juice and skins

Add enough boiling water to make five gallons. When cool, add half a yeast cake (1 1/4 oz. yeast packet of dry yeast or 1 1/8 teaspoons of active dry or instant dry yeast), shake well, and leave standing for 24 hours before bottling. Mix above either in a stone jar or wooden keg. Have new corks for your bottles and tie down with twine.

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