Goodnight Moon

Naptimes with Freddie

Sleep seems to be one of the things new parents talk about and think about the most–probably because they’re not getting any sleep–and I’ve also had sleep on my mind lately. Below are a few stray thoughts on baby sleep…

For some reason, my son does not want to nap in his bassinet–ever. I think he’s only successfully taken more than a 15 minute nap there once! He seems to be embracing the study that says you should only sleep for the night in your bed, and so naptime takes place in the living room in his rock and play–which is always perfectly still, as the automatic rocking motion makes him cry! He also sleeps outdoors on his favorite blanket when the weather is nice, in his car seat when we’re on the road, and in the arms of his grandma or his parents. Hopefully his ability to nap anywhere–except his bassinet!–continues, and we’ll be able to be a bit more active this summer.

He sleeps very well throughout the day but every night, like clockwork, he’s up at 3am for at least an hour. After that, he’s up an hour later at 4, then at 5, then up every fifteen minutes until we start the day at 6.

He’s becoming a master at breaking out of his sleep sack swaddles, so we tried this one, which he loves because he can move around a lot at night. I love it too because I don’t have to worry about the fabric bunching up around his face. He thankfully isn’t startled awake, although when he naps without a swaddle it is the cutest thing to see him throw his hands up in the air like he’s saying, “enough! Enough!”

I thought that I was a fairly loud sleeper (I’ll admit to snoring), but that’s nothing compared to his adorable grunts throughout the night.

He furrows his brow when he is in the middle of a sleep cycle, looking so concerned for some reason that I worry! Then he arches his back, sighs, and settles down for more contented sleep.



Photo via Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clem Hurd.

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