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My Summer To-Do List

I absolutely love living on the North Shore of Long Island, especially in the summer when it’s really at its best. There are so many wonderful things to see and do without the massive crowds in the Hamptons! I have a long list of what I’d like to do this summer, which I’ve shared below.

Have lunch on the water with my family

Go to the Bonanza Stand for an ice and a hot dog

Take a family walk around Bailey’s Arboretum and Planting Fields Arboretum

Visit Sagamore Hill for one of their Astronomy Nights

Spend an afternoon at the Oyster Bay Brewing Company

Check out 2 Spring in Oyster Bay

Take a family trip to the St. Rocco’s Festival

Play tennis!

Go sailing

Take our son to a museum (either the Nassau County Museum of Art or Garvies Point Museum)

Go to the beach

Play mini golf

Pick up fresh produce from Youngs Farm

Have a backyard dinner party


What are your must-do summer items?

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