Max Sinsteden Apartment Bedroom

Interior Inspiration: Max Sinsteden

I’ve been in awe of the decorating prowess of designer Max Sinsteden since I first saw his dorm room in New York Magazine. At the time, I had just graduated from my boarding school and was completing my first year of college. None of my dorm rooms at any point looked like this, as much as I wish they did! Since then, I’ve admired his work and bookmarked this House Beautiful article when it was published in 2015. His Manhattan apartment is even more envy-worthy than his dorm room! The small 525-square-foot studio somehow has room for a bar, two sofas, and a private bedroom–not to mention his book collection or his beautiful artwork.

Max Sinsteden Apartment Bedroom

While we no longer live in a city apartment, so many of the innovations Max uses in his apartment would be applicable in other small spaces, particularly in a guest house or a master bedroom suite. Of particular note to me in the “public rooms” are the large hanging photograph of a favorite place; the careful attention to color and pattern, particularly in the curtains; the clear separation in utility and space as delineated by the different paint colors; and the many books both lining the walls and serving as a makeshift coffee table.

Max Sinsteden Apartment Bedroom

In the private space of the apartment, I particularly love the detailed closet organization and the curtains that separate the bedroom from the rest of the space. It feels like a less claustrophobic four-poster bed. The addition of the bar in the bedroom might feel a bit unorthodox for some, but it works very well in this space. The apartment may be small, but everything is perfectly proportioned and placed!

Max Sinsteden Apartment Bedroom

Find more pictures and read the full article here at House Beautiful.


Want to recreate the look in your own home? Try these pieces:

Art Deco console table (1/2/3)

Vintage books (1/2/3)

Copper pots and pans (1/2/3)

Campaign chest (1/2/3/4)

Monogrammed bed linens (1/2/3)

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