Baby Halloween Costumes

Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

All right, I know this post is a bit early, but I like to prepare in advance for everything! I’m on the hunt for a cute Halloween costume for my son–I have so many from when I was little that my Grandma made me, including the bee outfit, above–but they are all too big for him right now. So, for now, I’m trying to decide between the below baby Halloween costumes:

I’m dying over this Max costume fromĀ Where the Wild Things Are. It’s so cute and perfect–that book is a classic and it would be a great choice!

A classic and cute pumpkin outfit is great for a low-key Halloween night.

This hedgehog looks so cuddly despite the prickles! I really like simple costumes, either animals or book characters.

I will always love a lobster costume!

We’re big fans of Sophie the Giraffe at our house, so a giraffe costume might be just the ticket.


What types of Halloween costumes do you like, and what was your favorite one growing up?

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