• Memorial Day Southside
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    Week in Review, Vol. 15

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s the unofficial start to summer, at last, and the weather here on the North Shore looks great. I have a very dear friend (and my son’s godmother) in town visiting, and I can’t wait to show her around. Stay tuned for a new series featuring my favorite North Shore places! I loved Grace’s post this week on how to make the perfect Negroni. The Negroni is one of my favorite cocktails and I always had the ingredients on my bar cart in DC! As someone who lives in Gatsby-land, I’m not in agreement with this new theory that West Egg was actually based on Westport!…

  • Wisteria in Central Park

    Week in Review, Vol. 14

    It's been a great week this week! Not only have we been able to see some of our son's first smiles, one of my dearest friends is in town and I'm so glad I will have some time with her over the next week! Another plus is that my son is getting his vaccines on Monday, so we'll be able to take him out more in public--just in time for Memorial Day celebrations. I can't wait!

  • Musee d'Orsay Clock
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    Five Time-Saving Things I Can’t Live Without

    Before I became a mom, I knew that my life would change. And, of course, it did! I talk about some of my feelings on motherhood here, but one of the biggest things to adjust to has been the change in my day-to-day schedule. Let me preface this post by saying how lucky I feel to 1) be able to work from home at the moment, 2) have my husband at home for the moment, and 3) have help from my mother-in-law. But even with help, the days suddenly seem a lot shorter! I've really learned to embrace any time-saving opportunity I have. While some of these are definitely parenting-specific,…

  • Mother
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    Week in Review, Vol. 13

    This week has been a tough one emotionally–not only was Thursday my late mother’s birthday, but tomorrow is also Mother’s Day. I lost my mom very recently (last September) after her thirty-year-long battle with multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed at the age of 27 right before she was married after being misdiagnosed with Lyme disease. Over the past fifteen years, I’d watched her change from someone who could walk fairly long distances with only a little bit of difficulty to someone who could not even push herself up in bed. After multiple, weeks-long stays in the Newport, RI hospital, and a stint in an assisted living facility, she was doing…