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    Hello and Holiday Stress

    It’s been a while! I hate offering excuses like “I’ve been busy” or “I just haven’t had any ideas”–but, well, I’ve been busy and haven’t had many ideas over the last month. I’ve been working on grant applications and fundraising letters for work and that’s taken pretty much everything out of me. Add to that my son’s new accomplishments in crawling and eating and, well, I haven’t had much time! I seriously cannot believe it’s Thanksgiving next week. I barely ordered our pies from Youngs Farm in time! I’m eager to celebrate my son’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m definitely behind in my Christmas shopping this year. I like…

  • First Anniversary
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    My first anniversary of my wedding is fast approaching (we were married on October 7th), and I am so looking forward to celebrating! We haven’t made any big plans yet, but I have already shopped for my husband. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper and its traditional colors (this was new to me) are silver and gold. My husband is a writer, so this was an easy one! I found a beautiful notebook from Smythson Bond Street and had it embossed with his initials in gold. It will fit easily in his pocket and he can carry it around everywhere. I also ordered a fountain pen to go with…

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    Autumn Musings

    It’s finally fall–I feel like I’ve been looking forward to its return all year. Fall this year, after an extended summer, is most welcome. The weather has been consistently cool for a few days and I’ve gone down to the basement to bring up my sweaters from storage. I feel as though every season is simply more perfect here, on the North Shore, than anywhere else. I don’t know why I feel that way–maybe because we’re perfectly located so that there are no true extremes of weather. Being close to the water is certainly a factor as well, and living near two beautiful arboretums mean that there are wonderful places…

  • Skunks Misery Road Rally
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    Road Rally

    Some of my favorite memories are participating in my grandparents' Skunks Misery Road Rallies here on the North Shore. They hosted their road rallies (essentially scavenger hunts in cars, with checkpoints along the way), for more than thirty years. The earliest road rallies used to start from their house (which was off of Skunks Misery Road in Lattingtown, hence the name), and later from Seawanhaka on Centre Island. They were always extremely fun and ended with a huge party on the lawn.

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    How to Manage Your Email Inbox

    I’ve been pretty swamped with emails lately, from my two work inboxes to my personal account to my blog email (although the latter isn’t nearly as unmanageable as the former.) In order to not spend all of my time in my email inboxes, I’ve come up with a few time-saving tips to help me manage my inbox. Enjoy! Set up filters This is my number 1 time saving device! If you get emails from the same address (for instance, an email notification), you can set up a filter in Gmail to do many things: tag the email, file the email in a folder, or star it. It really helps to…