• Honey Deuce

    Recipe: Grey Goose Honey Deuce Cocktail

    It's almost U.S. Open season once again! If you're not able to make it in person, try making the event's signature cocktail, the Honey Deuce, at home. It's delicious, perfectly refreshing, and looks beautiful. For an added touch, try serving in these fabulous vintage Wilson tennis ball glasses!

  • nourish food pink lemonade cake

    Nourish Food

    One of my best friends, Tory, has just started a new blog called Nourish Food! Tory is one of the best cooks and bakers I’ve ever met, and I’m so lucky to know them! Tory is a Deacon in the Episcopal Church and all-around wonderful person. All throughout college I was so lucky to be able to learn to cook (a little, at least!) from Tory, and I was definitely spoiled with good food! I can’t wait to see more of Tory’s recipes. Tory also posts their meal plans for the week. As I try to cook more, I’m eager to find some great, healthy recipes to incorporate into my…

  • Food

    Recipe: My Grandmother’s Tutti-Frutti Punch

    My grandmother was many things, but something she was not was an accomplished cook. However, she and my grandfather entertained quite often and my grandmother came up with a delicious punch recipe she called Tutti-Frutti Punch. Although it has no alcohol in it, you can certainly add some if required. I remember going to her wonderful Christmas parties and being allowed to have some of the punch--it was so delicious and still is today! This punch is perfect for both the holidays and in the heat of the summer. Enjoy!

  • Shandy

    Recipe: Shandy

    The shandy has become quite popular over the past few years. I remember reading about shandies in old Agatha Christie mysteries, so when I was first confronted with one several years ago I was eager to try it! I was immediately hooked. A shandy is lemonade mixed with beer, providing the perfect summer beverage. They are easy to make at home--check out the simple recipe below.

  • Bermuda Coral Beach Lunch

    Recipe: Ginger Beer

    One of my favorite cookbooks is Bermudian Cooking by the Bermuda Junior Service League. The cookbook covers traditional Bermudian dishes from the members of the Junior Service League, as well as popular recipes from some of the island’s best restaurants. I’ve found some wonderful recipes perusing this book. This recipe for ginger beer is one that I’ve been eager to try forever! Ginger Beer (makes 5 gallons) 1 pound green ginger, washed and beaten 7 pounds white sugar 6 lemons, juice and skins Add enough boiling water to make five gallons. When cool, add half a yeast cake (1 1/4 oz. yeast packet of dry yeast or 1 1/8 teaspoons…