Bonanza Stand of Oyster Bay
Long Island

North Shore Explore: The Bonanza Stand

I’m starting a new series highlighting different places around the North Shore of Long Island! First up is a true Oyster Bay classic–the Bonanza Stand.

For me, it doesn’t truly seem like summer until I’ve had an Italian ice from the Bonanza Stand in Oyster Bay. A local institution since 1897, the Bonanza Stand is located at 25 Shore Avenue in Oyster Bay, a short walk to the beach. Bonanza’s not only serves delicious ices, but also hot dogs, fries, mozzarella sticks, and other typical beach fare. The line is often around the block on hot days, but it is well worth the wait! There are over fifty flavors–I wish I could say that I’ve tried them all, but I’m not even remotely close!

When I was little, if we had been good during the day, my grandparents or my aunt and uncle would take us in the evenings to get an ice. As an adult, the Bonanza Stand has not lost its appeal! Be sure to bring cash–the stand is cash only–and enjoy!

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