• Juice of a Few Flowers

    Recipe: Juice of a Few Flowers

    The "juice of a few flowers" is a cocktail created by Gerald Murphy (I wrote about Sara and Gerald Murphy here). He would mix various freshly-squeezed fruit juices together with gin. When asked by his guests what the cocktail was called, he would simply reply, "just the juice of a few flowers." Ina Garten records this recipe in her book, Barefoot Contessa's Back to Basics; though she uses vodka in her recipe, I prefer the original gin. 

  • Parent Trap London House Exterior

    Interior Inspiration: 7 Pembroke Lane from The Parent Trap

    I can’t be the only one out there who is still semi-obsessed with the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. From the cast to the filming locations to the soundtrack to the outfits, everything about the film was perfect, and it’s still one I’ll rewatch to this day. I used to dream about living in Elizabeth James’ London townhouse–I still do, actually! It’s absolutely gorgeous and perfectly decorated. While the film gives its location as 7 Pembroke Lane, the house is actually 23 Egerton Terrace in Kensington. If you’re not familiar with the house, or if you want to drool over familiar scenes, take a look at the pictures below!  …

  • Signature scent Chanel Nineteen

    How to Find Your Signature Scent

    One of the only beauty products I indulge in, or wear at all, is perfume. (Four years at an all-girls' boarding school helped me to develop a quick morning routine that did not involve makeup, and I've stuck to it in my post-boarding school life.) After wearing Lilly Pulitzer's "Squeeze" for years, I decided it was time for a more grown-up scent. After carefully researching and testing different scents for about a year, I found mine--Chanel Nineteen. I love the "greenness" of the scent, and how it works well for both casual and formal events. It's versatile enough to be used for everyday wear, elevating even jeans and a polo…

  • Wisteria in Central Park

    Week in Review, Vol. 14

    It's been a great week this week! Not only have we been able to see some of our son's first smiles, one of my dearest friends is in town and I'm so glad I will have some time with her over the next week! Another plus is that my son is getting his vaccines on Monday, so we'll be able to take him out more in public--just in time for Memorial Day celebrations. I can't wait!

  • Summer Staples Kennebunkport Maine

    My Summer Staples

    I wrote about my spring staples back in March and I'm here today with my summer staples! Once the weather finally warmed up it seems as though we went directly into summer, making my spring staples out of season. One day it was 50 degrees, the next day it was 90! I, for one, am glad of the change in weather. Summer is my favorite time on Long Island--it means warm evenings on the patio, long tennis games, and spending time on the water.