• Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday is a hugely important day in the nonprofit world as it encourages people to give to the nonprofits that benefit their lives. As an employee at a nonprofit, today is a busy day of emails, Facebook posts, and fundraising letters. I did want to take a quick moment to highlight some of my favorite nonprofits and ones I will be donating to. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society My mother had MS for over 30 years–it becomes an extremely debilitating disease, and while new strides are often made, medical research is expensive. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society not only funds new research, but also spreads awareness. Planned Parenthood This…

  • Traditions Newport Marble House

    New Traditions, Old Traditions

    So I posted almost a week ago with the best intentions of resuming my regular posting schedule… which promptly fell to the wayside with Thanksgiving. Oh well. We had a lovely quiet day, filled with good food, family, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Unfortunately my family’s longstanding tradition of watching Miracle on 34th Street immediately after the parade was destined to be unfulfilled as I don’t have it on DVD and we couldn’t record it to watch. There’s always next year! I do look forward to starting new family traditions, though I will admit that we didn’t consciously create any new ones for Thanksgiving. Tradition has always been important to…

  • Life

    Hello and Holiday Stress

    It’s been a while! I hate offering excuses like “I’ve been busy” or “I just haven’t had any ideas”–but, well, I’ve been busy and haven’t had many ideas over the last month. I’ve been working on grant applications and fundraising letters for work and that’s taken pretty much everything out of me. Add to that my son’s new accomplishments in crawling and eating and, well, I haven’t had much time! I seriously cannot believe it’s Thanksgiving next week. I barely ordered our pies from Youngs Farm in time! I’m eager to celebrate my son’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m definitely behind in my Christmas shopping this year. I like…