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    My Wardrobe Needs This Fall

    After going down to the basement a few weekends ago and dragging up all of my sweaters and other fall clothes, I've come up with a list of my must-haves for the season. Some of these items are newcomers on this list, but others are simply replacements for things that no longer fit (everything is WAY too big for me now, sadly!) or those that need to be retired for the weekend. For instance, my all-time FAVORITE cashmere sweater now, sadly, has several moth holes in it, and I'm not quite sure how that happened! The worst thing is that it doesn't appear that they are still available. Anyway, here's…

  • How to Organize Your Bar

    How to Organize Your Bar

    One of the things I miss the most about my house in DC is the way my best friend Tricia and I decorated the library and organized our bar cart. (The other things I miss are: the sound of the bells from the National Cathedral, the quick walk to our neighborhood Whole Foods, sadly closed now!, and our great neighbors.) We had everything you needed for any of our go-to cocktails, and every day when we got home from work we would make one and relax. It was a nice way to end the day and transition from work to home life. After careful study, we finally came up with…

  • First Anniversary
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    My first anniversary of my wedding is fast approaching (we were married on October 7th), and I am so looking forward to celebrating! We haven’t made any big plans yet, but I have already shopped for my husband. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper and its traditional colors (this was new to me) are silver and gold. My husband is a writer, so this was an easy one! I found a beautiful notebook from Smythson Bond Street and had it embossed with his initials in gold. It will fit easily in his pocket and he can carry it around everywhere. I also ordered a fountain pen to go with…

  • Baby Halloween Costumes

    Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

    All right, I know this post is a bit early, but I like to prepare in advance for everything! I’m on the hunt for a cute Halloween costume for my son–I have so many from when I was little that my Grandma made me, including the bee outfit, above–but they are all too big for him right now. So, for now, I’m trying to decide between the below baby Halloween costumes: I’m dying over this Max costume from Where the Wild Things Are. It’s so cute and perfect–that book is a classic and it would be a great choice! A classic and cute pumpkin outfit is great for a low-key Halloween…

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    Autumn Musings

    It’s finally fall–I feel like I’ve been looking forward to its return all year. Fall this year, after an extended summer, is most welcome. The weather has been consistently cool for a few days and I’ve gone down to the basement to bring up my sweaters from storage. I feel as though every season is simply more perfect here, on the North Shore, than anywhere else. I don’t know why I feel that way–maybe because we’re perfectly located so that there are no true extremes of weather. Being close to the water is certainly a factor as well, and living near two beautiful arboretums mean that there are wonderful places…